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Active Physical Therapy Testimonials

Kevin in the Newport location is an amazingly caring individual that takes time to listen to your issues, and comes up with a plan to get you back to living life. I’m having hip surgery in about a week, and Kevin was the first person to diagnose that it was a problem with my hip, and not my groin, even after seeing my primary care physician, who thought it was a pulled muscle. I would never hesitate to recommend Kevin to my friends and family for any muscular-skeletal ailment they may be having. Thanks Kevin!

John R.

Coming to Active PT was like night and day – I learned more about my injury/body then I did in months at the other pt. You have to be willing to do the work but I could feel more confident
and building strength so I could function normally. I cannot recommend Active PT enough if you want to regain your life back. They are a knowledge and caring staff!
Claudi T.

Active PT is truly an amazing place with staff that are singularly dedicated to getting you back on your feet properly. I’ve been here for 2 separate issues and I cannot be more happy and satisfied. They’ve helped me fix shoulder and elbow issues and a pinched nerve in my back. Most importantly to me, they were aligned with my goals of getting back to heavy weight training and endurance cycling and created a program tailored to my desires that also fixed my problems. What else could you ask for?

Stuart N.


Care with a doctor of physical Therapy

We get it, life happens. Sometimes, it happens in an instant with a fall or injury. Other times, it’s the slow wear and tear of a happy, active life. If you want to feel stronger, move better, and recover faster, Active Physical Therapy is here for you.

Your care is our highest priority, and we are proud of our hands-on, one-on-one treatments. We take the time to actually listen to you and your story. We perform expert analyses and functional tests to better understand what causes pain or discomfort. Together, we’ll create a treatment plan that is realistic for you and moves you closer to your goals of living actively and performing better.

Our business started with one principle in mind: bringing personalized physical therapy directly to our community. Active Physical Therapy takes direct appointments, and no physician referral is necessary to schedule an appointment with us.

Stretching Leg at Active Physical Therapy
Acupuncture at Active Physical Therapy

Recover Better

Heal faster

increase performance


Pain is not normal, and you don’t have to accept living with it. Whether you’re experiencing discomfort or acute pain from an injury/accident or a more long-term, chronic condition, we can create a plan to reduce pain and increase strength. Our team of experts will work with you, guide you through the treatment plan, and support you until you feel back in control of your physical wellbeing.


Our performance programs are all about maximization and optimization. Every person’s body has a peak performance level, and we can help you find it. Active Physical Therapy works with competitive athletes, high-performance independent athletes, and individuals who seek to live stronger, fitter lives.

Active at work

Our Active at Work program is uniquely designed to get injured employees back to work safely. The outcomes-based program encompasses both our Columbus clinic locations as well as on-site services at your place of work. We offer special programs to support employer programs around work-related injuries and rehabilitation, saving time, money, and–most importantly–keeping your people safe and healthy.

Why We Care

The active physical therapy difference


We truly care about your overall wellness, and we empathize with your challenges to recovery


You will feel empowered: no referral is required to work with us, so you get to control your care


We provide resources to help you better manage your condition between visits


We promote excellence with consistent, value-based care


You get to see a doctor of physical therapy at every session with Active Physical Therapy

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Get Active with us


Active Physical Therapy was founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 2010 by Dr. Kevin Jones. Our company is fully independent and non-corporate, which means we have much more flexibility to work with clients the way we believe is best: individual, hands-on, face-to-face care. 

Dr. Kevin Jones took that great model of care and now treats and sees patients in the Newport, KY area.

We offer convenient early-morning and late-evening appointments

Sports Rehab & Conditioning at Active Physical Therapy


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