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We are experts at caring for you

At Active Physical Therapy you can expect to be empowered to recover from sport, work or play with your individualized plan of care designed by your Physical Therapist.

Active Physical Therapy provides the most up-to-date, evidence based, and effective treatments available for your recovery. All of our services are individualized and customized to fit your specific needs. We have the time and take the time to explain each procedure in depth and answer any questions that you may have.

Our physical therapists are experts at caring for you. How do we accomplish this? By doing what is natural for us and what you should expect!

  • Emphathetic care
  • Adequate to truly address ALL concerns
  • Consistency-see the same physical therapist every session

When our values are combined with the best treatments, it ensures you get back to what you love ASAP!

Client Feedback

Active Physical Therapy Testimonials

Active Physical Therapy has knowledgeable and kind therapists. I worked with John Snyder who was caring, thoughtful, experienced, and supportive through my recovery.

I highly recommend Active Physical Therapy.

Julie N.

I think we can all admit that if you’re in need of PT, you’re probably not thrilled about it. I’ve worked with Active PT through several injuries, and most recently with a concussion. From a wrist injury to perpetual back pain, torn ligaments in my ankle, and the like, Dr. Mandi, Dr. John, Meg, Danielle, and all the others on their team will get my highest recommendation every single time.

They’re personable, professional, but also call me out when I’m pushing too hard. They’re more than just doctors. As an athlete who’s clearly prone to injury, I love feeling like they’re in my corner, not trying to keep me away from the sport I love. Instead they offer wisdom and help me understand the reasoning behind the work we’re doing. I never leave feeling like I have more questions than I went in with. In fact, they always seem to answer questions I didn’t even know I had.

Go see them, I stand behind my promise that you won’t regret it.

Callie M.

I went to Active Physical Therapy for a pinched nerve issue. The staff was absolutely professional, and most importantly they fixed my problem. What was most reassuring was they had seen this problem before and they knew exactly what to do to remedy the problem. I got back to 100% with Active Physical Therapy’s help. Thanks Guys!
Alixander B.


Recovery at Active Physical Therapy

About Active Physical Therapy


At Active Physical Therapy you can expect to be empowered to recover from sport, work or play with your individualized plan of care designed by your Physical Therapist.



Performance at Active Physical Therapy

About Active Physical Therapy


Peak performance is not limited to athletes only. Active Physical Therapy believes every person has an optimal performance level, and we are here to help you find yours. From competitive athletes to casual runners and walkers, our physical therapy plans incorporate all aspects of your fitness and wellness. Our staff includes the knowledge and education of our registered dietician to consult on the importance of healthy eating and nutritional wellness as part of your overall well being.

Performance Services Active Physical Therapy Offers

Crossfit Athletes

Running Gait Analysis


Dietician Consultation

Active at work

Active At Work at Active Physical Therapy

About Active Physical Therapy

Active at Work

Active at Work is our specialized, outcomes-based program that brings the care and hands-on treatment of Active Physical Therapy to your home or work. Our doctors of physical therapy offer mobile physical therapy sessions, and we report data and evidence to support the effectiveness of our services on a quarterly basis.

Active at Work at Active Physical Therapy Offers


  • Industrial Rehabilitation
  • Work-related injury physical therapy
  • Active physical reconditioning
  • Work conditioning
  • Unsupervised physical reconditioning
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

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