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Functional Capacity Evaluation

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1 on 1 Functional Capacity Evaluation

Active Physical Therapy offers Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) to formally assess workplace injuries. FCEs are often used in worker’s compensation cases to evaluate the impact of a workplace injury.

Our team is specifically trained to validate FCEs through the Cross-Reference Testing System, or XRTS®. This system offers our professionals the information and training needed to determine consistent effort throughout the duration of the test.

Functional Capacity Evaluation at Active Physical Therapy

XRTS® Advantages for employers

  • Legally defensible: Our FCEs honor the requirement that employers use an objective and robust assessment of validity of effort during the evaluation.
  • Based on science: The XRTS removes any subjectivity of physicians or testing clinicians and uses only science and physics to form conclusions.
  • Cost savings: Using a proven system helps to close claims and open cases, saving time and money for employers.

Why Active Physical Therapy?

Our team is credentialed in this unique area of service to offer a consultative service for employers, physicians, and managed care organizations. Our scientific approach to FCEs enables us to provide insights and assessments based on facts and data. The results? You can better determine how to handle workers’ compensation claims, get employees back to work, define any long-term limitations, and create a plan for progress.

Client Feedback

Active Physical Therapy Testimonials

Active PT is truly an amazing place with staff that are singularly dedicated to getting you back on your feet properly. I’ve been here for 2 separate issues and I cannot be more happy and satisfied. They’ve helped me fix shoulder and elbow issues and a pinched nerve in my back. Most importantly to me, they were aligned with my goals of getting back to heavy weight training and endurance cycling and created a program tailored to my desires that also fixed my problems. What else could you ask for?
Stuart N.

I have went through PT at another location for months and realized I wasn’t making any progress. Coming to Active PT was like night and day – I learned more about my injury/body then I did in months at the other pt. You have to be willing to do the work but I could feel more confident
and building strength so I could function normally. I cannot recommend Active PT enough if you want to regain your life back. They are a knowledge and caring staff!

Claudia T.

I had the best experience with Active PT! My physical therapist John is knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, and just awesome! Jenna, a PT student about to graduate, was also very impressive with her skills and treatment plan for my needs. I feel stronger now and very well cared for. Thank you! Highly recommend!
Brooke P.

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