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Want to know one of the best glute (butt!) exercises that literally every person from 1-99+ can do?

Introducing, the glute bridge. Our newest physical therapist, Dr. Jenna Remy, broke down the muscles involved and why we (everyone!) should do them.

Muscles Involved: 

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Hamstrings
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Gluteus Minimus
  • Hip Adductors
  • Erector Spinae

Why Should We (Everyone) Do Them?

  • Avoid “dead butt syndrome”-weak/inactive glute muscles, combat too much sitting during the day
  • Aid in reducing low back, hip, and knee pain by strengthening the core/hip/knee as well as improving overall stability
  • Improve performance: increase power and speed for jumping, running, squatting, etc
  • Improve daily function: getting out of a chair, climbing stairs, picking up object from floor, etc

In the video below, Dr. Jenna filmed a progression of bridging exercises that would be perfect for any of the above-mentioned patients!

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News around the clinic

Welcome our newest team member, Jenna! She officially started mid-September and has been doing an incredible job at our Hilliard location. Read more about what Jenna specializes in here!

We’re continuing our *highlight* of a patient success story because there’s nothing we love more than celebrating a patient accomplishing their goals! Keep reading to hear Callie’s story!

Success Story Highlight

This month we are highlighting Callie’s story, and for us, it highlights something we’re passionate about: individual attention! We don’t treat you like a typical ol’ back pain patient. We go deeper to understand your goals and work with you to get you back to 100%, wherever your 100% is. Keep reading to hear her perspective!

“I think we can all admit that if you’re in need of PT, you’re probably not thrilled about it. I’ve worked with Active PT through several injuries, and most recently with a concussion. From a wrist injury to perpetual back pain, torn ligaments in my ankle, and the like, Dr. Mandi, Dr. John, Meg, Danielle, and all the others on their team will get my highest recommendation every single time. 

They’re personable, professional, but also call me out when I’m pushing too hard. They’re more than just doctors. As an athlete who’s clearly prone to injury, I love feeling like they’re in my corner, not trying to keep me away from the sport I love. Instead they offer wisdom and help me understand the reasoning behind the work we’re doing. I never leave feeling like I have more questions than I went in with. In fact, they always seem to answer questions I didn’t even know I had.

Go see them, I stand behind my promise that you won’t regret it.”

Pictured above, Dr. John instructing a patient on a shoulder stability exercise.

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