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2019 Ultimate Health and Fitness Gift Guide!

Happy Holidays! We know that gift giving can be stressful, so we all teamed up together to create your ultimate health and fitness gift guide! Our list includes the best fitness and health gear for the fitness lover in your life.

Read below to see what each team member would love to have for themselves, for you (our wonderful patients), or for adding to our clinics!

The Ultimate Health and Fitness Gift Guide!

Dr. Mattie

Dr. Mattie really put some thought into her wish list, and had some great items to add!

– MyFitnessPal FullPaid version to help keep your nutrition on track
 Fit Radio App ($27.99/Quarter) – For awesome workout playlists for all the motivation!
– Yoga Tune-up Ball For rolling out knots and helping with mobility! Find the Yoga Tune-up Ball HERE
 Hip Bands for so many quick and easy exercises to do at home. Mattie’s favorite pair are HERE
– Longer resistance bands for more quick and easy exercises at home, which can be found HERE

Dr. Jake

Dr. Jake was very patient-centered in his list, and added a few items that will solidify your recovery!

– Flex Bar for elbow pain and wrist strengthening. Find it HERE

– Balance Pad for ankle, hip, knee and core stability. All the Stability!!! This one HERE is very versatile!

– Foam Roller for rolling out knots and helping with mobility and this Amazon one HERE is nice and comes in a few colors!


Paige, our Worthington patient care coordinator, gave some awesome practical wish list items.

– Gym Membership – find somewhere that motivates you and you have fun going or you aren’t going to go! Don’t be afraid to ask for help from coaches or personal trainers either.

– Gym Shoes!! – got to have good quality shoes for the gym!

– Water Bottle– stay hydrated and Hydroflasks are awesome at keeping water cool for a really long time. Find it HERE.

– Yoga mat cause nothing is worse than kneeling/laying on a hardwood floor, try this one HERE


Danielle, our massage therapist, selected her item for patients but now secretly wants it for herself…

– Essential Oil Diffuser: When it comes to being healthy, rest and relaxation are just as important as exercise and a balanced diet! Essential oil diffusers are some of my favorite gifts to give and receive for the holidays because they can turn any room into a relaxation center. A good scent can change your mood and the therapeutic effects on the respiratory system from this blend in particular make cold and flu season much easier to manage! Find the diffuser HERE.

Dr. Jenna

Dr. Jenna is going for the full body workout in her wish list!

– Kettlebells: I would want a set of Kettlebells if I had a christmas wish list!! So many things you can do with them! If you want to go local, you can find a set on Rogue’s website HERE or you can also find kettlebells on Amazon HERE.


Meg, our Hilliard patient care coordinator, picked her recent favorite piece of gym equipment. It also might be the most expensive on our list…

– A Ski Erg! You can get a low-impact, full-body workout with one piece of equipment. You can pick one up at Rogue Fitness HERE.

Dr. John

Dr. John was thinking of his patients and the clinic when he picked his item.

– A trap/hex bar and more 45# plates so we can continue making more people strong like bull! Find a trap/hex bar for your own home gym HERE at Rogue and some more plates HERE.

Dr. John also spoke with Tugger, his adorable Sheltie, and Tugger said “A toy truck so I can take out all my pent up frustrations from not being able to catch the real thing.” If you’ve seen Tugger in action at our Hilliard clinic, you will understand!


Kat, office manager/massage therapist, picked one of her favorite fitness gadgets.

Fitness Tracker/Smart Watch: I love it. I currently have a Fitbit Versa and love that I can track my runs, sleep quality, current heart rate during resistance training (or chasing a toddler), and trying to move more throughout the day! Find the Fitbit Versa on Amazon HERE, but also check out this cool article on PCMag comparing the most popular fitness trackers on the market HERE.

Dr. Kevin

Last, but not least, Dr. Kevin thought long and hard about his wish list item and chose his favorite running app.

MapMyRun App– I became re-invigorated with my passion for running over a year ago. At that time, it had been quite a long while since my last consistent period of running, but I was committed to getting back into it. My success in maintaining consistency of running (and it really goes for any type of exercise) was to start with mostly walking, and progress to running as I was able. I’ve always been one to ‘go all out’ if I was going to do anything, but backing down and starting very light was exactly what I needed. I hope to be able to relay that message to my patients in guiding them through their exercise and movement goals!

Ultimate Health and Fitness Gift Guide Conclusion

We hope our health and fitness gift guide was helpful to you! From our health and fitness minded family to yours, have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

Struggling to be active because of pain?

We know the frustration that occurs from not being able to do the things you love–whether that be running, CrossFit, playing with your kids/grandkids– and we want to give you pain-free movement this holiday season!

Click HERE to be directed to our contact page where we will get back to you ASAP how you can regain pain-free movement and get back to the stuff you love!

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