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Hollow Body: The Perfect Exercise for Back pain!

Have you ever had back or hip pain? Are you postpartum? Trying to up your performance? Are you all of the above?

We have just the perfect exercise for you!

In the below video, we filmed six Hollow Body exercises that would be perfect for any patient who has struggled with back/hip pain, postpartum or not, and those who are looking to up their core exercises.

Follow along as Dr. Mandi does each exercise and be warned, it does get harder with each exercise!

Was this the perfect exercise for your back pain?

Are you struggling to complete the exercises without straining in your back or hips? These exercises can be so beneficial– but only if you’re doing them right! Let us help you complete the exercises correctly so you can go back to kicking butt in work outs and eliminate pesky back pain for good!

It’s easy to schedule, just call 614-850-0500, select the option for the clinic you would like to schedule at, and we’ll do the rest!

News around the clinic

We’ve been a little busy around here… so we are welcoming THREE new Physical Therapists to our team this month in August! Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook to learn more in the coming weeks.

Each month we are now going to *highlight* a patient success story because there’s nothing we love more than celebrating a patient accomplishing their goals! Keep reading to hear Max’s story!

Success Story Highlight: Max

This month we are highlighting Max’s story, and we know it will get you as excited as it made us!

“I recently injured what I thought to be my rotator cuff while I was on the road for work. After about a day I realized that my injury was actually somewhat significant and immediately emailed Dr. Leah to set up an appointment.

She got me in for PT immediately. I have been working with her every week for the past five weeks and can definitely say that without her help my recovery would not have been possible.

My favorite part about working with Dr. Leah is her willingness to answer every single one of my (many) questions. She spends a lot of time and energy helping me understand what’s wrong with my shoulder and more importantly why the exercises, dry needling, scraping, etc will help me improve quickly and correctly.

I also appreciate that Leah, and everyone at Active PT, understands that we all have different goals with our recovery. Leah’s goal is not just to make my shoulder pain go away, she works diligently to ensure that I can reach my goals as an athlete and can come back better than before my injury. Also, she lets me talk to her about all of my Game of Thrones conspiracy theories… so that’s cool. 

I cannot recommend Active PT enough. 10 stars. If you’re injured, or just want to see someone about nagging pains and aches, you need to call Active PT right now.”

Pictured above, Dr. Leah educating a patient on shoulder pain.

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