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Achieving Your Greatest Success

At Active Physical Therapy, the successful achievement of your goals is our absolute top priority. In giving you the care you need and attention you deserve, we want to be confident our patients are aware of how they can get the most out of their treatment to be able to make the most out of their rehab.

There are a multitude of aspects that contribute to your diminishing of headaches, low back pain, or returning to sport.

Because patient adherence is directly linked to patient outcomes (1);

  1. It is important our therapists regularly see you at scheduled appointments.
  2. In addition, discussing potential barriers to rehab with your therapist will better enable you to anticipate and overcome challenges to ensure increased success.
  3. Lastly, adherence to a home exercise program is critical in effective care.  Patients should not only understand how to perform the exercises, but also the reasoning behind why each exercise is performed.

Life outside the clinic can certainly become hectic, and at Active PT, we have revised our system to better accommodate your busy lifestyle.  Active Physical Therapy now provides email reminders two-days prior to your appointment instead of one-day reminders, and gives patients the option for text reminders.  Before your first visit, we will call you to remind you of your appointment, and can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

At Active Physical Therapy, we emphasize the importance of empowering our patients. We urge you to be open-minded and curious, so we can better able to educate and assist you during your rehabilitation.  As a patient, you play a large in the creation of your plan of care.  Through evidenced-based practice, education, and understanding your own care, it has been shown that patients are more likely to be compliant with their home exercise program. (2).  Lastly, self-management of your care will help ensure the best possible outcome by helping you stay consistently compliant to your particular plan of care (1).

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Written by Francesca Bankovich, Active Physical Therapy Summer 2017 Intern

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