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Dr. Jake assessing a patient’s knee.

Ever struggle with knee, hip or hamstring pain? Are you familiar with the Single Leg Romanian Dead lift (aka the RDL)?

According to Dr. Jake, our new physical therapist, you should!

Dr. Jake broke down the muscles of the movement, who should be doing RDLs, and four tips to doing them right!

Muscles involved (greatest to least)

  • Gluteus Medius 
  • Gluteus Maximus 
  • Hamstring’s
  • Foot Intrinsic (the small muscles in your feet)
  • Gastric/soleus (Calves) 
  • Abs
  • Back Erectors

Why they are important:

  • Hip Stability and Strength
  • Balance
  • Hamstring strength
  • Explosiveness 

Who should be doing them and Why:

High Level Athlete:

  • Any sports that requiring running, sprinting, jumping, cutting (Almost every sport!)
    • All of theses activities require you to be strong and have controlled motion while on one leg. Examples: shooting a lay-up in basketball, sprinting to first base, kicking a soccer ball

Everyday Athlete:

  • This exercise will help to build strong hips, butt and hamstrings as well as to improve balance on one leg
  • It can help to minimize the effects of working a job and being stuck at a desk most of the day, and not using your glutes as you would if you were moving around more throughout the day. 
  • It can help with building strength and endurance in the hip that is crucial for running 5k’s or going on a hiking trip


  • Rehabbing a hamstring injury 
    • A great closed chain (meaning your foot is planted on the ground) exercise to work on strengthening the hamstring while going into a lengthened or stretched position
  • Knee pain
    • The hip plays a very important role on what is happening down at the knee. Stronger hips (specifically the Gluteus Medius muscle) can help to control knee motions and combined with other strengthening exercises will improve dynamic knee control
  • Improving Balance
    • Standing on one leg while moving into a deadlift position challenges the muscles in your feet and calves to maintain an upright position while on one leg

Keys to performing the exercise:

  1. Don’t let the hip opposite of your stance leg drop towards the floor (engage the lateral hip on your stance leg to prevent this)
  2. Stay strong through your core and back and keep your back straight throughout the movement
  3. Keep a slight bent knee on your stance leg and maintain this position throughout the entire movement (this should be a deadlift motion not a squatting motion)
  4. Descend down slowly until you begin to feel a stretch in the hamstring of your stance leg, and then slowly return to the starting position

Is a knee, hip or hamstring injury keeping you away from doing what you love? Call today to get the help you need!

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News around the clinic

Welcome our newest team member, Jake! He officially started early August and has been doing an incredible job at our Worthington location. Read more about what Jake specializes in here!

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Success Story Highlight

This month we are highlighting Brittany’s story, and for us, it highlights something we’re passionate about: patient education! When you do an exercise with us, you’ll know exactly WHY you’re doing it and WHERE you’re actually supposed to feel it. Keep reading to hear her perspective!

“I sprained my ankle last fall and went through Physical therapy at another location for several months. After I was released I wasn’t convinced I was at 100% and when it started bothering me again I decided to check out Active Physical Therapy. 

Coming here was like Night and Day from the other office. Within the first 30 minutes I had learned more about my injury & body then I did from the 30 visits at the other place (yes, I really did go 30 times). The work is hard but I can already feel my self building up strength and the pain easing away. 

I cannot recommend this place enough, if you want real results and an awesome staff (and office pup some days a week!) you should check it out. Thank you to the Active PT Team, you’re all awesome!”

Pictured above, Dr. Mattie helping a patient on a step down exercise.

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