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Having a strong core is important, just ask Dr. Mattie (or any of our PTs)!

Dr. Mattie is breaking down all the right reasons to pay special attention to your core and why it’s the key to activity: from sitting here reading this email to high level performance! Scroll down to read more about what she has to say.

New clinic, new workshop(s), new PT and a new baby– oh my!

A lot is happening on the Active PT front, and we are SO. EXCITED.

First things first, we are moving our Worthington clinic! No more sharing spaces and hello room for activites! Watch out for an email with more details, but tentatively starting March 11, 2019 in the new space. With new space comes new staff– we are welcoming Dr. Mike Turnwald starting March 4 to our Worthington clinic. Read more about him below.

March is a busy month for all of us– we’ll be at CrossFit Grandview for kinesiotaping/injury assessments/dry needling, Modo Yoga for injury screens, and our Hilliard clinic for the 4th Trimester Mommy and Me Workshop! Read below for all the fun details.

And if you’re into cute babies… keep scrolling to see John’s new addition!

Welcome Dr. Mike Turwald

Dr. Mike earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 2017, and has since completed specialty training in Sports physical therapy at Ohio State and a traveling fellowship through the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy.

He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist having worked with the strength training programs at Ohio State and the University of Pittsburgh athletic departments. Mike has given talks on physical therapists managing chronic pain and concussion, with a special interest in treating firefighters, police officers, along with the everyday athlete working to achieve their goals!

At home Mike and his wife enjoy going for hikes and runs with their two dogs, Tucker and Sadie.

Dr. Mike will taking patients at our Worthington location starting March 4, 2019! Be sure to introduce yourself and welcome Mike to the Active PT team! 

4th Trimester Mommy and Me Workshop

Time is running out before the 4th Trimester Mommy and Me workshop starts! The first session is March 16, and runs until April 27. Sign up with the link below.

In this 4 session course, you will learn the essentials of postpartum health and common 4th trimester issues (pelvic pain, incontinence, diastasis recti, prolapse) as well as integrating essential activities baby needs to engage in appropriate play, social interaction, and to promote development.

This group is meant to empower new moms and bridge the gap in 4th trimester care for both mom and baby. Being a new mom can be confusing and overwhelming because there is SO much misinformation out there.

Come spend time with a Licensed PT and OT that have research based and clinical based knowledge to help you survive motherhood and feel competent AND confident!

Learn more at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/4th-trimester-workshop-tickets-54985009644

Welcome Owen Cole! 

Early Monday morning (2/4/2019), John and Lauren welcomed Owen Cole Snyder into their little family. He was 7 pounds, 8.5 ounces and was one hour away from sharing the same birthday as his mom. If John is a little sleep deprived for the next few weeks, take it easy on him.

Modo Yoga

We are the community partner with Modo Yoga for the month of March!

Dr. Mandi is heading over to Modo Yoga for the second year in a row to do free injury screens for their members.

In this partnership, Modo Yoga is giving our patients (you!!) free classes from March 10 until April 9.

Just mention that you’re with Active Physical Therapy and you are good to go!

Namaste, my friends 🙂

P.S. Here is their website for location and other information: https://columbus.modoyoga.com/

CrossFit Grandview

If you are a part of the expansive community of CrossFit athletes in Columbus, you know what time it is. It’s Open time.

Catch us at CrossFit Grandview doing kinesiotaping, dry needling, and injury assessments every Saturday until March 23. Please sign up at the Athletes Corner in advance to secure your spot! We can’t wait to see you there– good luck!

What’s at the CORE of “Today’s WOD”

Hi active nation!  Mattie here with a little change up from the exercises that I’m usually breaking down for you each month.  I program a lot of athletes and Cross Fitters back to full capacity, and this is where I tell them to start.  Your core and spine are the center of ALL movements; it is the key to your performance…be faster, stronger and more powerful in this one simple thought.

When you look at WOD, ask your brain this question: What is my core’s job during each move?

Lets look at a couple examples:
20 min ARAP

  • 25 ft Barbell OH walking lunges
  • 8 Bar facing burpees
  • 25 ft Barbell OH walking lunges
  • 8 Chest to bar
  1. OH lunges:
    1. Good core= upright trunk with lunge and no over arching at low back with OH carry; the core’s main purpose is to keep your trunk rigid while you raise up from the lunge.  
    2. Bad core= forward bent trunk and over arched low back to achieve OH position; also letting trunk collapse as you stand up.  
  2. Bar facing burpees:
    1. Good core: keeps spine/back straight and rigid while reaching hands to ground and then jumping feet to hands; this helps pop you up faster and eliminates wear and tear on spinal discs.
    2. Bad core: lets back round forward into “rainbow” positions to get to floor and then arches into a “cow” positions on the way up.  
  3. See #1
  4. Chest to bar:
    1. Good Core: keeps hollow hold position in the pull and completion of chest to bar AND  lengthens in a controlled manor (eccentrically) when entering the kipping motion; core MUST be active part of kip in order to most effectively propel your self to the bar, otherwise you’re actually heavier to pull.  
    2. Bad core: lets legs hang heavy with swing behind you in your pull, allows spine to traction and put it at risk for serious muscular, ligament and disc injuries.  

We are all built different and work with different mechanics and weak points, so this could look completely different for everyone.  If you have questions about how to formulate a plan for every WOD you encounter, please reach out to us at Active. Mandi, Leah, Missy and myself know how to tailor a plan specific to you.  Knowledge is power…Literally!

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