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Pop quiz time!

What type of injuries do ice hockey players suffer from most?
A) Shoulder
B) Hip
C) Groin
D) Knee

I won’t spoil the fun for Dr. John who answers the question in the below video. John is partnering up with the Columbus Mavericks, Columbus’ newest Junior Hockey League. He will provide onsite physical therapy services and keep these up and coming athletes on their A game.

Dr. John actually played Div I hockey and continues to bring together his love for the sport and his love for helping athletes accomplish their goals!

Dr. John reveals his favorite exercise for the ice hockey players in the video below, so press the play button and see if your guess was right!

Was your guess right?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Columbus Mavericks click here. If you want Dr. John to take a look at your injury, click here!

Success Story

For us, there is nothing like reading a patient’s success story! We love hearing about our patients’ journey from their perspective–not just our own perspective with our own physical therapy jargon. Your insurance company may want to know about range of motion tests or if you can reach your arm up to do the dishes, but we know there’s way more to you than official tests or doing the dishes!

This month we are highlighting Melanie’s story, and we know it will get you as excited as it made us!

“Active PT are miracle workers. I went in after extreme hip pain and barely any mobility in my back, causing spasms and pain. Mike told me that I would be able to get back to running soon, and I nodded doubtfully.

Treatment started immediately with dry needling and stretches, and quickly progressed to strengthening movements. As someone who works out multiple times a week, I thought it would be months before i could do high intensity movements or run again. Within a month, I was able to do virtually any exercise I wanted and running every other day.

Mike Turnwald was attentive, forward thinking, and catered the sessions to exactly what I wanted to accomplish. He was able to adjust my running form to reduce strain on all parts of my legs, something I didn’t think was even possible.

I cannot thank Active PT enough, and would recommend them to ANYONE. I am almost completely pain free, whereas the 15 minute drive to Active PT was torture on my back less than a month ago. Thank you to the PTs and all staff at Active PT!”

Pictured above, Dr. Mike utilizing dry needling during a treatment session.

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