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How to Prevent A Groin Strain

When a groin strain occurs, what should you do? Dr. John Snyder explains a few exercises to safeguard the hip and help prevent groin strains from happening again. Groin Strain The groin refers to the region between your pelvis and thigh. Groin pain is attributed to...


The Deadbug Exercise Looking for a versatile core exercise that you can easily progress or regress? Look no further than the Deadbug! These variations will help target deep intrinsic muscles and provide low back stability. How to set up the Deadbug exercise First...

Anti-Rotational Core Exercises

Move Over Crunches, Here Comes Anti-Rotational Core Exercises Pop Quiz: What exercises are purposely designed to combat excessive twisting during exercises, like running? A. Crunches B. Stretching C. Anti-Rotational Core Exercise D. Handstand Walks If you guessed (C)...

To My Younger Athlete Self: What I Wished I Had Known

Were you an young athlete? We were. Depending on your high school size and location, you might have walked through your school doors with handfuls of options for different clubs and sports teams to join. Over the loud speakers, the announcements shared where to get...

What Physical Therapy is Really Like

What is Physical Therapy really like? Many people find themselves in need of Physical Therapy. From listening to our past patients describe how they got to our clinic, here’s a few popular scenarios: At your yearly physical, you bring up the nagging shoulder pain...

Myth busting: Shoulder Injuries in CrossFit

Taylor, our Summer 2019 intern, was interested by many of our CrossFit patients, especially those coming in for shoulder injuries. For her internship project, she decided to bust the biggest myth about shoulder injuries in CrossFit.

The Perfect Exercise for Back Pain!

Have you ever had back or hip pain? Are you postpartum? Are you trying to up your performance? Are you all of the above? We have the perfect exercise for you!

Reintroducing Fitness after Quarantine

A how-to guide for reintroducing fitness after quarantine. Read this article to ensure you minimize risk of injury as you return to the gym! Fitness After Quarantine Yes, finally, most gyms here in Ohio have reopened! Our goal with this article is to share knowledge...

8 Minutes of Exercise a Day

8 Minute Workout Exercise=good You know exercise is important to your health. It helps you feel better physically, gives you energy, and helps you deal with the stress of your busy life.   But what do you do when your life suddenly changes?! Quarantine, social...
How to Manage Your Urgency!

How to Manage Your Urgency!

“When I have to go, I have to go!” Urge Incontinence vs Stress Incontinence Urge: Is the STRONG feeling of needing to void urine, so convincing that if you don’t go right then you may have an accident. Stress: Is the leakage when you exert effort or over stress. For...

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Mandi’s Post-Op Journey

Mandi’s Post-Op Journey

Five months ago I had a major surgery.  I want to share my story to help you, other patients, and healthcare providers. About four years ago, I moved to Columbus, Ohio for a new physical therapy position at a private outpatient clinic. I found a place to live, and...

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