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Myth busting: Shoulder Injuries in CrossFit

Taylor, our Summer 2019 intern, was interested by many of our CrossFit patients, especially those coming in for shoulder injuries. For her internship project, she decided to bust the biggest myth about shoulder injuries in CrossFit.

The Perfect Exercise for Back Pain!

Have you ever had back or hip pain? Are you postpartum? Are you trying to up your performance? Are you all of the above? We have the perfect exercise for you!

Reintroducing Fitness after Quarantine

A how-to guide for reintroducing fitness after quarantine. Read this article to ensure you minimize risk of injury as you return to the gym! Fitness After Quarantine Yes, finally, most gyms here in Ohio have reopened! Our goal with this article is to share knowledge...

8 Minutes of Exercise a Day

8 Minute Workout Exercise=good You know exercise is important to your health. It helps you feel better physically, gives you energy, and helps you deal with the stress of your busy life.   But what do you do when your life suddenly changes?! Quarantine, social...

Youth Sports, When does it Become Too Much?

My Athletic Story Written by Dr. John Snyder, PT Growing up and playing competitive hockey, my goal was always to obtain a college scholarship and maybe, just maybe make it to that next level. So, I did what any other talented young athlete would do, I listened to...

Top 10 Tips To Crush Your 2020 Goals!

Not only are we stepping into a new year, but we are stepping into a new DECADE. We want to help you crush your 2020 goals, by selecting our BEST top 10 tips! Whether you're singing New Year New You! or not, setting goals at any point (not just in January) can be a...

Ultimate Health and Fitness Gift Guide

2019 Ultimate Health and Fitness Gift Guide! Happy Holidays! We know that gift giving can be stressful, so we all teamed up together to create your ultimate health and fitness gift guide! Our list includes the best fitness and health gear for the fitness lover in your...

When I bridge, you bridge, we bridge!

Want to know one of the best glute (butt!) exercises that literally every person from 1-99+ can do? Introducing, the glute bridge. Our newest physical therapist, Dr. Jenna Remy, broke down the muscles involved and why we (everyone!) should do them. Muscles...

Knee Pain is No Match for the RDL

Dr. Jake assessing a patient's knee. Ever struggle with knee, hip or hamstring pain? Are you familiar with the Single Leg Romanian Dead lift (aka the RDL)? According to Dr. Jake, our new physical therapist, you should! Dr. Jake broke down the muscles of the movement,...

What is Return to Sport Testing Post ACL like?

Ryan, our 2019 Summer intern, put his legs to the test by going through an abbreviated Return to Sport test by Dr. John Snyder. Continue reading to hear what the test was like with his candid remarks!

Is this mindset holding you back?

Is this mindset holding you back?

Summer is upon us, and as I lace up my running shoes I know for a fact that there is a mindset that has prohibited me from accomplishing my goals in the past, and I think you too. Have you heard of the all-or-nothing mindset? It's the idea that there is no in-between,...

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Are you a believer?

Are you a believer?

Carol is! We are so honored to feature a guest post from our patient Carol, and her witty comments about her physical therapy experience. Without further ado, below is her post! A Sure Fire Way to Get Results from Physical Therapy I’m a believer. Sounds like...

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Is your core engaged?

Is your core engaged?

Having a strong core is important, just ask Dr. Mattie (or any of our PTs)! Dr. Mattie is breaking down all the right reasons to pay special attention to your core and why it's the key to activity: from sitting here reading this email to high level performance!...

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How to Manage Your Urgency!

How to Manage Your Urgency!

“When I have to go, I have to go!” Urge Incontinence vs Stress Incontinence Urge: Is the STRONG feeling of needing to void urine, so convincing that if you don’t go right then you may have an accident. Stress: Is the leakage when you exert effort or over stress. For...

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