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Carol is!

We are so honored to feature a guest post from our patient Carol, and her witty comments about her physical therapy experience. Without further ado, below is her post!

A Sure Fire Way to Get Results from Physical Therapy

I’m a believer. 

Sounds like words after attending some sort of retreat in a far away land. But these are words after attending physical therapy.

Today’s world bombards us with so many options, an overabundance of data, information, and opinions, as well as different perspectives. What are we to believe? 

Surgery? Injections? Pain meds? Depending on your circumstances, any of these may be the most effective road to better health. 

But when given choices, I’ll always opt for the least invasive and most logical. 

The choice that makes the most sense. 

Our bodies are made to heal and repair if we are committed and willing to participate in our own health. I’d rather rebuild the foundation for the long road than do multiple repairs over the years. How many times have you heard, “I’ll never be the same,” after repeated attempts with band-aids and pills.

Physical therapy really works. 

And what you learn from it can serve you for a lifetime. The physical therapist is responsible for assessing your needs, planning your treatment, and implementing the techniques, exercises, and actual therapy over a period of time. 

But as patients, WE are responsible for getting the work done at home each week between appointments. 

3 Ways to get the most from your Physical Therapy:

  1. Do your exercises everyday.
  2. Do your exercises everyday.
  3. Do your exercises everyday.

Stick with it. The rewards are there if you take responsibility.

It’s no different than going to the dentist. If you depend on him to restore your teeth to their best health every 6 months, but you aren’t willing to do your part to brush and floss them on a daily basis, you will never have the smile you want. Your dentist can’t do it all. 

And neither can your Physical Therapist. It is your body, your job. 

Over the course of a lifetime, I’ve experienced the great results of PT three times. And each occasion has brought success, and restored my body to pain-free health, strength, and mobility. 

Is it difficult to buckle down, carve out the time, do the boring repetitions, and not see instant results in a week or maybe even a month? 

You bet. Of course it is. But it’s a choice to keep at it. 

A committed physical therapist who is dedicated, knowledgeable, and heartfelt, coupled with a patient who is willing to participate and do the work, can yield amazing results. Absolutely amazing…

… and so worth it. 

Do the work. 
You too, will be a believer.

Written by Carol, who writes regularly at www.carolhennessey.com

News around the clinic

Happy April!

March was a busy month for all of us– we were at CrossFit Grandview for kinesiotaping/injury assessments/dry needling, Modo Yoga for injury screens, and our Hilliard clinic for the start of the 4th Trimester Mommy and Me Workshop! Read below for all the fun details about the workshop.

We packed up the van and moved our supplies to our new Worthington clinic and haven’t looked back! Scroll to see how the clinic is looking (spoiler alert: it looks amazing!!).

4th Trimester Mommy and Me Workshop

Our 4th Trimester Mommy and Me Workshop, co-taught by Dr. Missy and Dr. Maria (OSU Pediatric Occupational Therapist), is off to an incredible start! We are now two classes in and have covered postpartum exercise, tummy time, feeding, massage, and so much more!

See below for photos from the workshop and of course, cute babies! 🙂

Worthington Clinic Highlights

Our Worthington clinic’s new space is coming together!!

The Rogue equipment has been delivered, Dr. Mike is putting the finishing touches on the front desk (that he built himself!), and the space is looking more established by the day.

If you’ve placed a call recently, you may have noticed that you now have the option to speak to our patient care coordinators in Worthington instead of speaking with someone at our Hilliard clinic! This was something that a few patients commented on in our survey we sent out a couple of months ago and we listened to your feedback!

Thank you for your continued support– we wouldn’t be who we are without our awesome patients!

Would you like to share your experience at Active Physical Therapy? Leave us a review on Google here or on Facebook here! Stop by our clinic to receive a thank you gift!

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