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Not only are we stepping into a new year, but we are stepping into a new DECADE. We want to help you crush your 2020 goals, by selecting our BEST top 10 tips! Whether you’re singing New Year New You! or not, setting goals at any point (not just in January) can be a healthy step towards whatever you want to accomplish.

Knowing that accomplishing goals after the first couple of days is easier said that done, I asked our team their best tips and tricks for actually doing what you want to do.

Here’s to taking our best foot forward, and making 2020 the best year yet! Keep scrolling to read our top 10 tips to accomplishing our 2020 goals!

Top 10 Tips To Crush Your 2020 Goals!


Jake says (bio here!): “If [their] goal is to start working out or to have more time for fitness activities, set appointment times in your calendar on your phone to force your self to stick on schedule as if it was any other type of appointment!”


Kevin says (bio here!): “My advice to patients in achieving well-being goals for 2020: Many people think it takes 60 minutes in a gym everyday to improve fitness and feel better. In reality, there are many ways to increase activity and better your mental health without devoting much time. For example, changing your diet and using tracking apps (such as MyFitnessPal) can help assure adequate nutrition and calories each day.

Make small adjustments to start, such as not automatically finding the closest parking spot, or walking to your favorite coffee shop instead of driving. Let your body accommodate the increase in activity before starting a workout regimen.

Lastly, do not neglect your mental well-being. Utilizing inexpensive technology (such as mediation or heart rate variability apps such as HRV for Training) can help reduce stress and manage the rigors of everyday life (which commonly are reasons to skip workouts or eat poorly).


Katrina says (bio here!): “For me personally, my energy/motivation is low after work or keeping a tiny human alive all day. Going to bed earlier has allowed me to be really productive in the morning, so that I can relax after my son goes to bed at night. And honestly, most people watch way too much mindless TV/Internet/Social Media at night, and it’s better for your body to SLEEP rather than rest on the couch.”


Paige says (bio here!): ” I like having a competition that I am training for. Either a little 30 days of eating vegetables challenge at the gym or a CrossFit competition that I want to do well at. Those help me stay motivated because I like to perform well and working out and eating healthy helps me get there.”


Meg says (bio here!): “Want to make your bed every day regardless of how late you’re running?? Or make sure you take your vitamins/supplements in the morning?

I think the best way to stick with whatever new habit you want to build into your daily routine is to challenge yourself to do it for a set number of days in a row.  21 days is a good time frame to start with!

Create a chart/checklist or mini-reward system to keep you in track and hold yourself accountable. Or start a social media campaign to help involve your friends and family.”


Heather says (bio here!): ” So, after having a baby this year I have found it super helpful to have accountability from a friend or family member to stick with healthier habits. It’s always helpful to mark on the calendar if you have done a work out or plan the week with 1-2 days of exercise. Start small until it becomes more of a habit/lifestyle change. And don’t be discouraged if you mess up or don’t do a work out, just start back and make yourself more accountable.”


Mattie says (bio here!): “Things I remind myself of constantly:

-Majority rules!! “It’s better to hit your nutrition 90-80% than 100%. Being 100% on point with nutrition isn’t perfect, it’s prison.” -Jordan Syatt.

At these percentages you can enjoy yourself every once in a while and still make progress!  Those 10-20% are NOT failure, but part of the process of consistency.

– Embrace /Recognize the suck!!  Getting started is always the hardest part, but once you’re into it and seeing results it’s so much better.  Reminding myself this part is actually short in comparison and how good I’ll feels in 2-3 days!

– Have “healthy” bribes for yourself: when I don’t feel as motivated as I should to workout or eat healthy I “bribe” myself.  They seem little and mundane, but it works for me!  Take time to learn what you like about the the workout and nutrition process and how you can motivate with them.

  • “you can buy yourself a preworkout drink on the way to the gym”
  • “you can schedule a nail appointment for on the way home from class”
  • “you can eat healthy today, when you don’t want to, because there’s only two more days till a planned dinner out”
  • “you can go to the gym later and take time to sit and make a new playlist that you are really looking forward to”  This may even involve buying songs lol.
  • “you can pay for a different class/workout today”  when working out on your own wouldn’t happen if you didn’t.

– Try to eat 3 green( any veggies really) foods a day.

– Most importantly; health is a lifestyle and cannot be turned on and off.  Find the parts that are easy or fun for you and start with those,  and the rest comes more naturally after that.”


John says (bio here!): “We need to understand and appreciate that humans are imperfect… And that is not a bad thing. If you falter and lose your way, that is not reason enough to throw in the towel. It is easy to see a momentary loss of focus as a reason to give up on a health or personal goal, but we need to use these lapses as an opportunity to identify our tendencies. This allows us to recognize at risk situations and better plan for and overcome these adversities in the future.”


Jenna says (bio here!): “My biggest advice would be to set small, reachable goals first! If you want to get more active, start with 15-20 min 3 days/week and progress from there. If you want to eat more veggies, try to get 1-2 servings/day and then slowly add. Also, find a type of exercise/activity you enjoy! If that is walking, great! Playing sports? Zumba? Weight lifting? Do that! It is way easier to stick to something you actually enjoying doing than trying to stick with stuff you absolutely hate!”


Danielle says (bio here!):  “Designate a specific time during the week that will be dedicated to self care. Use this time to catch up on things that may be missing from your beauty routine and to meditate or read materials that encourage introspection! Having something to look forward to every week can help to reduce stress!”

2020: Your Best Year Yet!

Which tip or trick was your favorite from our top 10 tips to crush your 2020 goals? Which one will you implement to make 2020 your best year yet? Comment below, we’d love to hear your feedback OR what goals you want to accomplish in 2020!

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